Five tips for research down distractions

Kristina Samurkas. Last Update 7 December 2011 G.

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The end of the year has almost come. Just a few weeks left before we go back and think more about tests and group projects, but until then, it’s time to buckle. Distractions are everywhere.

Your friends (regular friends compared to study friends).

We need our friends, and under stress, not a lot of free time, it’s important to hang with people whose company we love. But the time to get your bro is not the day before the test, or when it’s supposed to be paper. Does that sound familiar? You study with a group of friends in the common room/lounge and somehow, everyone starts talking to each other and rewind history, and before you know it, everyone is getting ready to play drunk on Tuesday night. Okay, this may not be familiar to everyone, but the point is that friends are great, but they can be a huge distraction …

Listening to music while you are studying (or any kind of background noise) is like putting the popicles on ice cream: some people can’t do without, and some want their ears/eyes to be closed and enjoy a peaceful cone of silence. And if you’re a music lover, it’s very easy to get to find a great track for a rock while you’re doing your homework. And in the process of finding this perfect song, you’re distracted, and, uh, it’s been three days!

You can also try one of our many musical playlists, including:

HDTV is my favorite part of this century (singing toilets in Japan, but it’s another story), but it is also the worst thing that has ever happened in the academic world. And, at best, you can get it online, and what college does the dorm have no good Wifi? Netflix and Hulu have students.

Facebook/Tumblr/Google + /Twitter.

Oh, Facebook, you are a beautiful pearl of social networks, a delay champion, you, hummingbird …I don’t know where I’ve been, but Facebook (or whatever you’re using) is pretty awesome. But this is a black hole of time: you register for “just for a minute,” and suddenly morning, classes start in ten minutes, and you have no idea why you were watching through the whole photo album of your friend New York. How many hours was spent on checking people’s statuses instead of doing chemistry, talking to my friend Ryan, instead of writing my Japanese speech, or desperately trying to find a nice picture of this guy to show my friends (” Seriously, he’s cute, I swear. Wait a minute, I’m trying to find him. Okay, don’t pay attention to your hair and girlfriend, and he’s a HEP, amiate? “).

You’re the biggest obstacle to your own training. If you can’t find motivation to study and do whatever it takes, and it’s all nonsense, I can’t change anything. You, your parents, or the government will pay a lot of money for you going to this school, which thousands of people have rejected, and you spend money and time, what are you looking at? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should never have a good time at the university. But the adage “Work, play hard” has never been more true than right now-plus, thinking how amazing it is that you will feel like your parrots or dancing, or, as you would not let go, when you are FREE and DONE (which is why the “Belgrade parties” are so crazy) ..

Of course, these are not the only distractions that plague schools in recent weeks. What distrs you the most? How do you fight this?

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