Hard skills. soft skills: why do you need to be at succeed

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Imagine that two people are being questioned at work. On paper, both candidates are highly qualified. They both have degrees from prestigious schools.In the interview, both of them.

After they talked to both of them, the solution was to the interviewer.

It’s just that. One of the candidates used interviews to demonstrate his soft skills. Another never even heard the term …

A lot of students think getting a job is everything.

Everything I’ve just listed, everything.

If you ever took a business class or read a business publication, you probably heard these two terms, thrown around. Understanding and cultivating both are important for success not only in school and work, but also.

Today’s position will clarify ambiguities surrounding hard and soft skills. We will cover what they are, what employers are worth (the hint: it depends on the work), and.

” Hard skills are the skills in which the rules remain the same, regardless of which company, circumstances or people you work with. In contrast, soft skills are the skills in which rules change depending on the culture of the company and the people you work with. “-.

It does for a good title, but I have to be careful when I say hard “against” soft skills. They’re not competing against each other. And definitely.

Even the names are confusing. “Hard” skills are not “heavier” than “soft” skills, and soft skills are not easier and no less important. I prefer to think of “hard” as in “hard data,” something.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are a lot.

Because it is difficult to assess and standardize the rigid qualification, they constitute the majority.

Just go back to elementary school. You had classes in reading, mathematics, language, and maybe some art. All this is easy to estimate with standardized metrics such as test and evaluation …

Now think about how many classes you have for effective communication and awareness of other people’s feelings. If you didn’ t go to a very advanced or unusual school, it’s hardly you.And once you get to college.” We have a system of education that is modeled on the interests of industrialism and image. The schools are still quite organized on the factory lines-the bells of bells, separate objects, specialized in separate subjects. We are still training children in packages, “ Sir Ken Robinson,

Industrialized countries need to be quantified and standardized. So, on this day, it made sense to build a system of education that trains people …

But we no longer live in an industrial epic. Now it’s ours.

Instead, a modern workplace is everything.

In addition, it is difficult to get skills with the knowledge economy.

Unfortunately, the education system has not come into this reality. Same as 100 years ago …

What are you doing?

Fortunately, the college offers many opportunities for this. Just need to know where to look …

The necessary Soft Skills.

Of course, before looking for opportunities to develop your soft skills, you need to know what skills …

To help us, I would like to share a list of Marisa Morbi, an expert on human resources …

Inner soft skills refer to “how you interact with yourself” and include the following:.

  • To accept criticism.
  • Critical mouse/problem resolution.
  • Emotional control.
  • External soft skills, on the other hand, all about “how you talk to people around you.” These include:.

  • Collaborating in a team.
  • Effective communication.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Conflict management.
  • Manage expectations.
  • It’s a pretty big list, but you have to use most of them at some point, even if it’s out of work. Indeed, this is all the skills that matter.

    College is the ideal place to develop all these skills. Here are some examples of how …

    I don’t want to say that you’ll never learn soft skills in a classroom. If you want to do it.

    There are even classes in soft skills such as public speaking or administration …

    But the best way to get your soft skills is out of class. This is ridiculous.There are several ways to get the soft experience in college:

    I’ve never been myself, but from talking to friends who were, this job could be.

    Allowing fights between neighbours will teach you external soft skills, such as conflict management, negotiation and interpersonal skills. Talking to your residents will regularly improve your ability to listen and emotionally understand …

    Getting estimates from your boss and your residents will teach you to accept criticism. To get up at 3:00 in the morning so that someone who is drunk and locked will bring your resilience and emotional management to a new level …

    This job is not for everyone, it’s for.

    Would you like to talk to strangers and answer your tough questions on the spot? The tour is an ideal job. You’re going to have to deal with everything from the weird working hours to the bored students with the more excited parents of the parents. Not to mention that all the information you’ll learn about your college can be translated into.

    That’s one of the ones I have experience with. And let me tell you, it’s

    First of all, it might seem strange, since the work of TA is not to help students with “hard” material in the classroom? It’s true, but it’s just paper work …

    The only thing is, it soothe students about the coming tests. Or try to inspire an unmotivated student to the best. And that will teach you a lot about how to tell you that the professor is sometimes involved in lectures on some of the students who can understand …

    I don’t think I need to explain all the delicate skills you can get out of it. You will have to manage conflicts among members, negotiate with sensitive topics such as budgets, and negotiate so that the school administration allows you to have events. Your self-confidence will increase, and you will have no shortage of capabilities.

    Your college probably has entire clubs and organizations devoted to the development of certain soft skills. Whether it’s a speech club, a writer, a network group, or even intrauterine sports, these groups allow you to grow your soft skills, at the same time.

    Especially if it’s a job where you have to communicate regularly with people. Ever since I was in college, I’ve been working everywhere, starting with campus post office to English. These jobs were (and remain) one of mine.

    The extraction of packages for a dozen impatient students at once taught me to be calm in stressful situations, and, working as an assistant professor, taught me.

    As a bonus, these works are great to pick up key skills, as well as …

    It’s complicated. At first it may seem that the Freelance is all about good mastery. Although it’s true that you need skills to provide the foundation for your freelair business, most of the work.

    To convince someone to hire you together for dozens of other qualified candidates? That’s it.

    How do I make a client happy? Critical thinking, insight and adaptability. Find a good job to start? Network Interaction and Impact ..

    And I could go …

    While on the face it seems that entrepreneurship is only about having an innovative idea,

    Entrepreneurship teaches to work with other people, cope with huge amounts of stress and pressure, accept tons of criticism and failure. Your project shouldn’t be the next Facebook to be.

    -It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. “As you can see, college can be one of the best times in your life.

    But discussing the abstract skills, I’m sure you’d like to know.

    “Like many highly educated people, I didn’ t have many practical skills.”

    -Jay Maarten Troost.However, some types of work tend to give preference to one type of skill. Here is a brief overview of the different types.

    Jobs that work mostly in isolation from technical problems tend to require more rigorous skills than soft skills. This job class is

    Examples of jobs include (but, of course, are not limited):.

    While it is always valuable to have some soft skills, these are careers that rely mostly on technical knowledge ..

    Take a plumber, for example. While it’s always nice to have a plumber that can be friendly and can explain what’s wrong with your toilet, all you really care about at the end is whether they can fix it. No amount of soft skills, such as communication or negotiation, will be.

    There are jobs at the other end of the spectrum, where soft skills are almost.

    Sample jobs:

  • Motivational speaker.
  • Again, I’m not saying that these jobs require.

    A good car salesman did not move the inventory, understanding all the details of how the vehicle works. They use a complex mixture of persuasion and.

    When it comes to most of the jobs you’ll be trying to get from college.

    Especially if you are vying for technically oriented work with super-soft skills, you can really help you in the process of application and hiring. Your technical knowledge is more useful if you can.

    It’s not really just a job.The real world is messy. The real world is dealing with people who are not rational and need some kind of kindness or encouragement. The real world is factional and irritable and requires compromise ..

    For most of us, it is much more important to be able to comfort someone in distress than to master the latest business app …

    Since both types of skills are important (and time is limited), I recommend that you focus on upgrading the skill type that you have.

    It’s a range of soft skills for me. As a freelwriter and editor, my business success is highly dependent on soft skills such as persuasion and networking ..

    There are thousands of talented writers, but those who succeed are those who can convince clients to hire them. That’s why I spent a lot of time learning.

    It was said, it was easy to push this idea too far. You don’t have to work to fix it.

    Before we wrap up, I thought worth mentioning how the interviewer might try to appreciate his soft skills …

    It is obvious that all interviews are a test for soft skills, such as communication, but sometimes promising employers will try to get a little bit more specific …

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  • “Can you tell me about the time when you were working as a group?”.
  • Can you tell me about the time you had to ask for help?As you can imagine, answers to these questions.
  • To answer such questions, I (and in the original article) offer a focus on.

    You have to say that you understand that asking for help is a sign of strength, not a recognition of weakness, and that terrible, like college projects, they are.

    “It’s not about what you know, but how you can learn and adapt.“Neither soft nor solid skills will go away.

    ♪ If you’re going to work, I strongly suggest that you look at him.

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