Productive summers: how to make most of the break

Last updated July 17, 2016

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Here in Iowa, there are only two seasons: winter and construction …

When you are at the stage of life dominated by educational institutions, there are only two seasons. There’s a school, and then there’s a school.

Simply put, the word in the head is probably conjugated with thoughts about cycling, “Kol Jammers”, and the time Pokemon was your full-time job. And that’s exactly what needs to be-to some degree. Beyond these things, though.

There are many things I can say about making the summer productive, as it is in principle identical to the attempt to answer the question of type:

“I have three months free of charge; what do I do?”

This is an incredibly broad question, and we can go with it in a million different ways. But I would like to emphasize here three main points:

  • Summers should be used to gain experience that you can’t get in your class …
  • Too much free time and lack of structure will kill your productivity, so find a way to limit your time to some degree …
  • Work on yourself.
  • Unless your vision of your whole life does nothing but.

    Maybe you want to work on the next Picard movie. Maybe you want to live in another country. Or maybe you just want to be a wrestler and crush your head like an egg crow between your thighs …

    In any case, you know that college doesn’t get you alone. It could have been done 50 years ago, but today it’s not. That’s why I think this summer is great, they’re an opportunity to acquire the skills and experience you get.

    Many school administrators do not like how long the summer break breaks, because students who do not attend school will surely forget that mitochondria is a power aggregate of a cell. And look, I get it. I use my basic knowledge of cell biology in my daily life, just like the next guy. That’s it.

    On a more serious note, summer school loss.

    However, if you want to do this, you can reduce this loss of learning. Even something simple, like.

    Sitting in class all year, I’d like to go to the gym, and only ever make benches. You’ll get chicken legs if you do it, but luckily, friends don’t let your friends miss the day’s leg …

    Summer is the day of your feet for your brain and for your CV, as well as a good friend, I have to tell you to use it …

    How? There are several ways you can decide what to do:.

  • Start with your goal and work backwards.
  • Choose an opportunity and run along with her.If you have a clear purpose, go with the first. For example, suppose you want to be an animator. What’s gonna help you get a job with the studio? Most likely.
  • All right, spend the summer hunting these things. You’re looking for an internship at a studio or an agency. Barring, find any position that will allow you to improve your skills. In addition, you will spend some time working on your own animation projects-in fact, start your own channel on YouTube. As long as you are in it, start forging links with other animators on YouTube and other platforms ..

    On the other hand, maybe you are.

    This is what I did during my first year; shortly after school, I applied for summer orientation at university and hired …

    Having spent the spring term in two training sessions a week-where I will learn a ton about my school and met the people in virtually every department-I spent the summer, giving me tickets and answering questions in the panels, planning the event, hiring a speaker on one of these events ..

    That experience helped me.

    If you need some ideas about the possibilities to continue, here’s a few:.

  • Go on a volunteer trip like Bick and postroy or UFFing.
  • Take part in the development of leadership qualities or.
  • Work on your personal project-
  • In addition, you can use several years for smaller things. For example, you can become impoverished.

    If you have time, you can also send an email to the future to set up information interviews or even shadow jobs ..

    Replace the classes with

    and the lack of a structure is one of the biggest reasons. Remember the Parkinson’s Law:

    If you are a whole summer before a personal project or goal, you can guess how long it will take. You can learn from my experience in this, because I am.

    During the summer that followed my freshmen and freshmen in college, I was very busy. After the freshman girl, I took a full-time job as an orientation assistant on campus. I spent most of my summer, giving tours to students, answering questions from students and parents on the Q&A panels, organizing a large launch event, and doing other things. I have also signed up for some extra hours on my regular part-time work at the centre of the IT centre, as well as at …

    This was the summer when I started Info Geek College; after I decided to become a writer for another site and get a waiver, I decided to start my own. For most of this summer, I spent a lot of my free time writing articles and learning how to set up my site on my life …

    When the next summer (after my second year of year) came upon me, I started mine.

    So, in the summer of 2012, it’s spinning around. When I graduated college, the Info Huck College was.

    So I decided to do what seemed a logical choice:

    This decision was made economically; since business has begun to thrive, every minute spent at work elsewhere would be worth less, comparatively …

    Unfortunately, I have yet to learn about the value of using.

    As a result, the summer was

    ” This summer was a little lazy for me. While I was doing great things, as the great bloggers in San Francisco have been following Japan, running to the Warrior of Tyre, I learned the surfin and jumping out of the plane, I didn’ t do a huge amount.

    I learned something important in the last few months. I found out that you actually have too much freedom, and that’s a healthy amount.

    To me, to miss all my planned commitments to free my life for Info Geek College seems a little spoilt. I found that I actually did more on this site when I had a lot of things to do. “.

    I was, in short, trapped in my freedom. And I paid a huge price, losing potential progress because of this …

    When I read.

    ” I don’t believe I can really do without teaching. The reason is that I have to have something that I have no idea, and I cannot say to myself, “At least I live; at least I do something; I make a contribution” is just psychological …

    When I was in Princeton in the 1940s, I could see what had happened to these great minds at the Institute of Advanced Training, which was specially selected for their amazing brains, and was now able to sit in this beautiful house in the forest, without any training, without any obligation. Those poor bastards couldn’t sit and think, okay? So they don’t get ideas for a while: they have all the opportunities to do something, and they don’t get any ideas. I believe in a situation like this kind of guilt or depression within you, and you start worrying about not getting any ideas. And nothing’s going on. Still no idea …

    Nothing happens, because there is not enough real activity and problems: you don’t talk to the experimental guys. You don’t have to think about how to answer students ‘ questions. Nothing! “

    By working with others and putting yourself at risk, you keep you on your feet and help innovate. The external structure and responsibilities constrain your time and find your brain more effective with what’s left …

    Removing these elements from life will almost always have a negative effect. You can, of course.This is part of the reason I chose to co-host.

    Of course, I learned other tricks for time management. In the summer of 2014, I decided to treat Info Geek as a.

    Looking back, I am not surprised that the College of Info Huck has grown considerably this time …

    You can learn from this experience that your personal projects can also have a structure. You can use applications such as Beeminder and Habittica as I did, or you can find reporting partners. In general, I think using fixation devices is a universal idea. I elaborated on this idea in detail in this video:

    At this point, you may think that I’m telling you to fill your summer as much work as possible-I told you to follow the opportunities, create structure and contain your time. Maybe you think.-What does? It’s not supposed to be a summer break.

    I spent some of the summer trying to take a picture in every building on campus-we failed, but the attempt was fun …

    My friend Andy and I made the “Warrior Warrior”-an obstacle in the race with barbed wire to crawl under, walls to climb, and fire to jump …

    The coolest thing I’ve ever done in the summer has been to Japan with two of my best friends. We were lost in the first couple of days, but the trip was amazing.

    In my opinion, “the right” way to spend your summer-if it’s even something we can determine is to use most of it productively, when working with small pockets.

    Instead of hanging by the pool for three whole months, plan an amazing trip that lasts a couple of weeks. In addition, do some time after work every day for relaxation-as well as during the school year ..

    Although you have the opportunity and time for fun, there is one more thing you should do during your summer …

    If you have not chosen an opportunity that takes a large amount of your time, you will most likely have more free time in the summer than during the school year. It’s making the summer.

  • More clearly define its objectives or do.
  • Read more sequentially.
  • Building the exercise routine.
  • It’s a new habit.
  • To learn new skills, practicing every day.
  • I’ve always cashed enough time to get back, assess the way I did in my personal life, and then take steps to start improving and summer, just like.

    Are you looking for more tips?

    If you like this article, you’ll also enjoy mine.

    The book covers topics such as:.

  • Take a minute.
  • Get out of your class.Bring some nice notes.Read your tutorials more efficiently.
  • and a few more. In addition, it has many recommendations on tools and other resources that can facilitate your study.

    If you want to get a free copy of the book, let me know where to send it:.

    I will also keep you updated on new posts and videos that appear on this blog (they will be as good as this or better).

    Anything to say?

    You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

    I’ll join you, and I’ll also send you.

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